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Tricia Lim is a practicing artist and founder of Pinch, a design label and art studio in Singapore where she works on her projects and commission work.


Lim specializes in ceramics, concept-driven sculpture and site-specific projects. Her creations are inspired by the sensuality of material and is largely dependent on her personal experience of places. These works often highlight systems present in each site to focus on a specific on-going conflict at present.

Lim received the Overseas Arts bursary from the National Arts Council of Singapore in 2004 and 2005, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture and Spatial Practice) from The University of Melbourne (Faculty of the Victorian College of Art) in 2007.


During her degree training, she was selected for a 6-month exchange program to the Pratt Institute, New York, where she attained a place on the President’s List. After graduation, she was selected to show at the Wallara Travelling exhibition in Melbourne, Australia.

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